An Unwelcome Quest, Magic 2.0, Book 3 – Audiobook Online

An Unwelcome Quest, Magic 2.0, Book 3 – Audiobook Online by Scott Meyer.

take the premise seriously while keeping it light
I loved the previous two installments of Wizard 2.0; Become a Wizard and Spell or High Water. The storytelling is amazing, they contain thoughtful, (mostly) lovable characters with great chemistry, and they’re hilarious. Plus, Luke Daniels is amazing in his performances. Hearing this was a no-brainer and I was thrilled when I saw it next on my must-read list. Now, I just feel sad that I didn’t listen to it sooner. In my opinion, this is the best of the three. Scott Meyer ran home.

It’s movie night in 12th century England and The Witches are about to begin their second movie. Suddenly, four of the magicians disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving Martin and Roy dumbfounded. Phillip, Tyler, Jeff and Gary, along with Jimmy who were not present at the movie night, are teleported to the top of the mountain. The first sorcerer ever exiled is back and he wants revenge.

He created a deadly game in which magicians must overcome “dangerous” obstacles, complete missions and journey to their destination: The Chasm of Certain Doom (insert thunder and lightning here). Meanwhile, after discovering their friends have been stripped of their powers, Martin and Roy seek advice from Gwen and the British. Assuming the worst, they teleport to the same location as Phillip and the others in the hope of being able to help them. Both groups embark on the same adventure with the same dangers, overcoming obstacles in different and extremely interesting ways.

Like the first two seasons, this episode has a serious premise while retaining its signature humour. It’s still an enjoyable read, poking fun at the tedious mechanics of a lousy game that you can’t quite explain to complete, or subtly point out, and live up to the clichés you see. in numerous novels and video games. As always, the dialogue between the characters is fantastic; Complete with witty jokes and serious conversation, it adds depth to the characters. It’s important because this is definitely a character driven story, and those characters drive a Porsche. The characters come to life and get even better thanks to the performance.

Luke Daniels takes on the role of the narrator or more precisely the performer. His range is amazing, whether it is men, women or children, the voice is always distinctive and suitable for the character. His delivery is an emotional crucifixion and a unique emphasis for all. I have had the pleasure of listening to a few of his other works and have been impressed each time.

This comedic series is well worth your time if you’re looking for something fun and refreshing. Scott Meyer and Luke Daniels have a wonderful relationship that shines through the words, keeping you engaged and immersed throughout the entire series.

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An Unwelcome Quest

  • Magic 2.0, Book 3
  • By: Scott Meyer
  • Length: 11 hrs and 46 mins



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