Awareness : Conversations with the Masters – Audiobook Online

Awareness : Conversations with the Masters – Audiobook Online by  Anthony de Mello.

Happiness is your natural state. You don’t have to do anything to get it; you just dropped something. This audiobook tells you what it is. No one has ever taken the time to realize that someone’s quality of life hasn’t changed.

You see life differently because you are different. You react to people and situations differently. You see things you’ve never seen before. Beautiful things. You are more energetic, much more alive. When you’re finally awake, you’re not trying to make good things happen; they just happen. You suddenly understand that everything that happens to you is good. You understand that all is well, even when things seem to be getting messy. You discover that there is a loving force that surrounds you at all times, always within reach, always right in your midst, making your life meaningful and beautiful and rich.

Reading the book changed my life. Anthony explains spiritual concepts that seem confusing when anyone else teaches them and makes them easy to understand and act on. He is full of joy and brings this important practice of awareness and its power to life with humor and clarity at the same time.
The book and the sound is a pleasure. I’m happy for the sound because it infuses him with more energy than the book allows. Same great content. Even more energy and accessibility to repeated “reading”.
Books like this I want to listen to over and over again to learn at a deep level and apply it. I gain something new every time I listen. Highly recommend the book and the audio. Big thanks to Anthony De Mello Center for providing this audio with Tony’s voice. I wished this!!


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