Axiom – Artorian’s Archives Book 1

Axiom is the first science fiction book in the Artorian’s Archives series by authors Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout. The content is about his town being taken by the sword and the children brought in to replace the fallen, the old man has gone out for revenge. He is willing to fail the hardest challenge in the world, which is cultivation.

The elder simply agreed with those who told him it was impossible. He quietly ignored them, rubbed his hands together and started all the way. He always fails what he’s done: He’s lost his way from the academy, his orders are ravaged by a mage. He lost his town, and his last hope for the future was stolen by a group of bandits. The only thing that never let him down was his sharp mind and philosophy. He will cultivate… no matter what the cost.

Failure in life can make the soul callous and weak. A reason to live for a purpose, can change that in an instant.

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