Back When We Were Grownups – Online Audiobook

Back When We Were Grownups – Online Audiobook by Anne Tyler.

Outwardly, Beck, as she was known, was outgoing, cheerful, a natural celebratory. Partying is her thing – something she failed even before finishing college, when Joe Davitch spotted her at an engagement party in a ruined 19th-century Baltimore home. ruin of his family, where partying is the family business. What interested him was that she seemed to be having a great time. Before long, this passionate older man, divorced with three young daughters, had swept her into his orbit, and before she knew it, she had embraced the big family. of him and a child of their own.

Now, about 30 years later Rebecca is caught not knowing who she really is. The way she answers it – the way she tries to restore her maiden self, the decent maturity she once had – is the story told in the gripping novel, seeking and this is very emotional. As always with Anne Tyler’s novels, once we enter her world, it’s hard to leave. But in Back When We Were Grownups she so sharpens our perceptions and awakens so many untapped feelings that we come away not only refreshed, but also infinitely wiser.

As always, Anne Tyler delivers an interesting story with quirky, wonderful characters. She presents life as it is – full of lack of confidence, unintentional side trips and lots of ups and downs. However, you leave behind a book by Anne Tyler, realizing that ordinary life can be extraordinary if people live consciously. Don’t read it for the plot (although that’s great too) – read it for the characters.

This is one of my favorite Audible fiction titles. Who among us doesn’t at some point wake up wondering – How did I get here? What am I doing? A decision 20-30-40 years ago from a stupid teenager with no clue — and here I am. I know some people call it the midlife crisis.
This is fun, thought provoking, while still entertaining and a good read. Maybe not quite as good as Saint Maybe but a close second.
For those of you who have already started this book, keep listening – the old man’s comments near the end are worth it in their own right!


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