Bad Blood : House of Comarré, Book 3 , Audiobook Online

Bad Blood : House of Comarré, Book 3 , Audiobook Online By: Kristen Painter.

Violent murders occur in Paradise City as impostors are systematically hunted down. When war breaks out at home, Malkolm and Chrysabelle travel to New Orleans to restore the Ring of Sorrow. Forced to make a life-and-death decision, Chrysabelle will realize that her relationship with Malkolm can have deadly consequences.

Samhain approaches, bringing with him the ultimate union of the mortal world and the other natural world. No one knows how much power the darkness contains….

Nail biting and filling action.
The first book in this series was so good… it gave the second and third book a chance that couldn’t put the series down. The storyline and characters grow and develop in an epic way.

Great series
These books are great, they open your mind and pull you in.
I Just Love Vampires love the star of the series that shows how hard it is for men in real life to tell women they love them with that heart and not with another mind. .
Thank you artist, I really enjoyed all your audiobooks and your printed books, thank you again and keep publishing
Patience Hilton Budine

Good book
The story gets better with each book. I’m looking forward to Book Three. I have enjoyed all the books by Artist Kristen.

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