Bad Saint, A Dark Romance – Audiobook Online

Bad Saint, A Dark Romance – Audiobook Online by Monica James.

I know I will completely lose my mind.. I won’t be able to solve it.. I might even scream and throw things.. but I know that this is a TRILOGY and the third book didn’t. released – but this book tempted, teased, and mocked me with its dark promises. And WOW this fascinating, tense, twisting dark roller coaster definitely got me what I wanted. Told from Willow’s PoV, with some very brief thoughts from Saint’s, it’s emotionally intense from start to finish.. and you know book 2 goes deeper emotionally, darker sexually and ‘perception factor’ is definitely off the charts.

The kidnapped virgin bride Willow is currently imprisoned on a ship bound to Hell.. however she is strong, resourceful and never gives up her steadfast fight for freedom.. and also to find the answer. But the painfully brooding sexual relationship between her and her masked captor named Saint during their eventful and perilous journey to Russia, is just as complicated, dark, and enigmatic as one. man. However secrets are solved, an armistice will be made and a beautiful ‘you own my soul’ relationship will eventually be made from a brutal dark beginning.. but the mad psycho bandit won’t let go of his possessions.. and I’m sure things won’t get any better on Day 34 since Willow’s dangerous captivity.

Worth a credit? For me, there certainly is.. purely fictional “never will” but I love my lover who fell in love with every second of its chilling thrills. Willow is aggressive, intelligent, resourceful, determined and Saint is a dark sexy force, a mystery, a deep multi-layered puzzle waiting to be solved. There’s well-paced action and non-stop drama, a bit of sexy wake-up, stunts, high wins, bitter bomb blasts and a “wtf🙀, no.. no .. no .. no .. no” of an ending CLIFFHANGER will make you pick up book 2 right after this one ends.



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