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Best Babysitters Ever is the first book in the Best Babysitters Ever Series by author Caroline Cala.
A fun new middle school series about three 12-year-old best friends who start their small-town California babysitting club.

Once upon a time, a girl named Kristy Thomas had a brilliant idea: to start a Babysitter’s Club with her best friends.
And now 12-year-old Malia Twiggs has a brilliant idea, too. Technically, she has Kristy’s idea. After a bit of persuasion, Malia and her friends Dot and Bree form a babysitting club to raise money for a grand birthday party. But babysitting is definitely not what they think it is.

Three friends. No parents. Unlimited snacks. And, that’s okay, watch other people’s children from time to time. What could go wrong?

  • Best Babysitters Ever

  • Best Babysitters Ever Series, Book 1

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