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Boys of Alabama is a beautiful novel by author Genevieve Hudson.
In this enthralling debut novel, a sensitive teenager, new to Alabama, falls in love, questions his faith, and navigates an uncanny force.
While his German parents didn’t know what to do to make a southbound in the past, shy Max thrived in the dense heat. Taken in by the team, he learns how to catch a spiraling ball, how to point a gun, and how to hide his deepest secrets.

Max is polite, formal, and his new life in America is magical for him. He fell into the net of a crowd of boys at the Christian school he attended and was introduced to football, church and hunting.
He also forges a free relationship with Pan, an openly gay classmate who always wears makeup and dresses.
Max is hiding quite a few things from his friends on the football team and from most others about his own sexuality. He is living with the remnants of a traumatic loss in Germany and is actually at odds with himself.

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