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Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies is a great book by author Tara Schuster.
Lessons on how to love and take care of yourself from a former vice president at Comedy Central, who Jordan Peele called “a man ahead of his time”

When she was in her late 20s, Tara Schuster was a rising TV executive who worked on The Daily Show alongside Jon Stewart and helped propel Key & Peele to viral superstardom. By all appearances, she has mastered growing up. But beneath that shell of success, she was a constant mess of anxiety, self-medicating. No one knew that her path to adulthood was fraught with depression, anxiety, and shame, largely due to her minimal upbringing. She realized she had hit rock bottom when she got drunk calling her therapist to beg for help.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies is the story of Tara’s path to raising herself and becoming a “narcissistic ninja”. Through simple daily rituals, Tara transformed her mind, body, and relationships.

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