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Cadillac Jukebox is the ninth literary fiction book in the A Dave Robicheaux Novel series by author James Lee Burke.
It’s about thrilling adventure, fast-paced action, and smart street realism.

When former Klansman and estranged conifers Aaron Crown are finally jailed for a decades-old murder, detective Dave Robicheaux is the loudest to claim his innocence.
The Crown seems to be the lightning rod for every kind of trouble the state of Louisiana can unearth. A documentary writer trying to prove Crown’s innocence has been murdered; a New Orleans crowd buttonman accused Robicheaux of pocketing money to bypass the Crown.

But it was when Buford LaRose—the son of an old Southern family and the author of the book on the Crown affair—was elected governor that Dave Robicheaux’s involvement with Aaron Crown was so profound that he hardly knew it. understandable.
And it was Karyn, Buford’s social-elevator wife, with whom Robicheaux had been having an affair years earlier, who proved to be his most sinister enemy.


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