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Carnal Sanctuary: Savannah’s Awakening is a beautiful book by author Ellie Sandoval.
This is the first book in the Carnal Sanctuary series and has been extended by writer Ellie Sandoval. Cleo Press is lucky that our first publication was also Ellie’s first.
Savannah Taggart has always known her beautiful body was a gift, but even she didn’t know it was lucky enough to survive a deadly car wreck. She certainly didn’t expect to wake up later in a luxurious mansion overlooking Astoria, Oregon, completely healed from a broken heart, surrounded by sexy maids and naughty servants. with her.

Join Savannah at the Carnal Sanctuary when she meets Roman – the ageless immortal whose handsome image drew Savannah to Astoria – and when she learns that she has a very special gift. Unfortunately, there are forces in the world that can harm people like Savannah. Like Lilit, the ancient Black Goddess. The confrontation with the Black Goddess will make you ache even more! Despite the sacrifices, the surviving members of the Carnal Sanctuary grow closer – and Savannah and Roman can finally be together the way they’ve always dreamed of.

Do you like traveling, vampires, vampires, werewolves and the occult mixed with your sex and romance?

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