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Chaos Recting: A Novel is the third love book in The Consortium Rebellion series by author Jessie Mihalik.
Sound and romance between computers come together in the entire gas section of the Rebellion series.

As the youngest member of her High House, Catarina von Hasenberg is often underestimated, but her youth and bubbly, bubbly personality mask an intelligent head and hard fixation. Her nemesis, blinded by her powers, doesn’t expect Cat to be a spy – this makes her the candidate to complete a covert operation at a rival House to gather summer retreat. intelligence on their recent betrayal service.

Catarina von Hasenberg is a different heroine from what they usually see and I love her. Essentially, Catarina plays a kind, friendly, charming but underrated woman who slips under the radar for people to forget themselves and share more of what they should hear or allow her to. Reach out to places where they probably shouldn’t. She is invited to a house party that Bianca (her older sister) feels she needs extra protection to attend and so Bianca provides her with two guards, but one will close fake work her boyfriend. I love Alex too, but I feel like he’s a bit shadyer than I’d like.


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