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Corpse in the Carnations is the third mystery novel in the Lovely Lethal Gardens series by Dale Mayer.
After being implicated in two murder cases in a short time she lives in picturesque Kelowna. Divorce and gardener Doreen Montgomery has developed a reputation almost as infamous as her Nan’s. Doreen just wanted to do it with a tour of Kelowna’s famous Carnation Gardens.

But when she witnessed the fight between a beautiful young woman and her boyfriend, she couldn’t help but worry. So nervous she followed the couple out of the parking lot and through town. And when gunfire interrupted the calm afternoon, it was too late to worry about how her nemesis, Corporal Mack Moreau, would feel when she was implicated in another of his cases.
Linked to a cold case about a long-lost child, Doreen has her hands full, no less often trying to keep her involvement in the investigation a secret with Nan, Mack Moreau, and especially are the media. But someone is keeping up with Doreen’s work… and someone can’t afford to let her figure out the answers to the questions she’s asking.

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