Deadly Tide – Sheriff Jericho Flynn Book 1

Deadly Tide is the first mystery and horror book in the Sheriff Jericho Flynn series by author B.R. Spangler. The content of the book is about North Carolina’s Outer Banks sheriff Jericho Flynn devastated by the mysterious death of his wife.

A broken man, Jericho is forced to rise from the depths of despair when his only son is accused of an unspeakable crime. Jericho finds himself deeply immersed in the investigation and murder of a child’s recent disappearance.

A sunken pot of crabs and duffel bag leads Jericho to the horrifying discovery of a second missing child. He plots a string of kidnappings and murders, revealing a macabre timeline – a deadly tide, the cycle of which is set to repeat itself.
Cruel deceit and betrayal, his wife’s mysterious secrets begin to surface, and a disturbing connection to the case is made. Time is running out and Jericho is in the fight of his life to prove his son’s innocence and unmask the killer before another child dies.

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