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Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From is a good book by author Jennifer De Leon.
First-generation Latino Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit into her new quasi-white school. With family secrets spilling over and racism at school on the rise, she must decide what she believes in and takes a stand.

Liliana Cruz is a hit against the wall. There was a wall separating Liliana’s diverse inner-city Boston neighborhood from Westburg, the affluent and white suburban high school she had just been admitted to.

So what if she changes her name? So what if she changes the way she talks? So what if she sees her neighborhood differently? It’s not that her father doesn’t want to come home – he can’t… and her whole family is in jeopardy. And when racial tensions at school peak, the walls feel insurmountable.

And Liliana had to choose: Use this platform as a platform to speak her truth, or risk collapsing under its weight.

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