Eldest (Audiobook) The Inheritance Cycle, Book 2

If you have read or listened to book 1 in the series Inheritance Cycle which was about Eragon. In this book, you must have noticed the transformation of the ordinary boy growing into a dragon rider with all the mesmerizing happenings and characters involved in it.

The story continues to its second part, which absolutely a perfect sequel to such a w wonderful novel in this series written by Christopher Paolini. The writer has interestingly woven the story around the magical worlds which are beyond the imagination power of a common person.

Gerard Doyle always ads to the beauty of the story by giving the est voice over. With the perfectly toned voice and accent, the characters and events come to life in front of the listeners.

Just like the first part, this book2 in the series promises the listeners to give the perfect fantasy-filled feeling that they expect from it.

The best selling author continues to provide all the magical effects through the words in a perfect manner. The storyline and perfect mix and match of emotions keep it going till the end. No one is ever bored when there are so many things connected to each other. every listener get involves into the story to know the fantasy, mystery, and everything that captures the mind.

For those who loved Lord of the rings will surely enjoy this series as is it is never behind the imaginative fantasies that always capture the reader’s mind.

Since Eragon conquers the empire without damaging it, the next story is about how he has saved everything from the rebels. Now his travel to Ellesmera will guide him to get further training. He will be continuing his journey to open new doors and know more what exists beyond the world he knows.

He will also face betrayal and turning points that will lead him to change what he has always kept in front of him.

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