Finch Merlin and the Blood Tie

Finch Merlin and the Blood Tie is the 16th book in the Harley Merlin Series by author Bella Forrest. Welcome to the occult series narrated by Amanda Ronconi. This is a fascinating book that should not be missed by young people.

We invite you to follow this wonderful story.

Harley Merlin 16
Finch Merlin and the blood tie
Written by Bella Forrest
Spider-Man ronconi
Chapter one
The cold shiver travel down my neck
I had to grip the fancy tablecloths to keep a hold on reality
It’s just the natural anxiety that came with being unwilling husband to an Atlantean queen or were there.
Darker forces at work
As in possibly the love spell that it just been shoved down my throat
It’s Merlin
It sounded so ridiculous I wanted to laugh
Preferably halfway through Downing a glass of Ambrosia so I can get a good spray over these stuck-up atlanteans
I sat at a raised table befitting of Royal newlyweds
Well the festivities raged around me
We traveled with all the Pomp and Circumstance you expect of a royal wedding to the cheers of Atlantis
And ended up back at the palace
In fact we were in the same Ballroom where Queen verities Day celebration
Fitting for my current misery
Might have been a legend obsessed nutjob
But you knew how to throw a party
A huge spread of Atlantean Cuisine with being served
Well in Orchestra and a tank of selfies provided the music
A few couple that started dancing but if you wanted to get a jig out of me she’d have to tie string to my arms and move me like
Like a puppet
I wasn’t doing anything for her
Not while I still have my own mind
Roasted squid Wheaton
Chi offered me a tray
Not unless you want me to choke on it
I retorted
And set the tray down
Done with her attempted polite conversation
She must have decided to wait for the love spell to kick in so she wouldn’t have to deal with my attitude anymore
And she drank her second glass of red fizz
I glanced around the ballroom at the revelers
Nobody seemed to care that their future Queen’s husband had a black cloud hanging over his head
I suppose that has something to do with the fact that these celebrations were a 241
A chance to honor the newlyweds and the life of their Old King
Was destined to die tonight
Even less happy about his situation and I felt about mine
We were like two grumpy sour-faced bookends at the table
My arranged marriage was the least of my problems
There was another reason I was so terrified of the love spell kicking in
A reason nagging away at the back front and every damn side of my mind
When it took over
But I remember just how appalling kind of plan for Atlantis was
What if I bought into it
Ativan artificial sense of love
This wasn’t just about me anymore
Or Ryan or my friends
This was about the magical world as a whole
And the devastation I Kaya would reek with her insane plot
I had to stop at outright
In case the gym in my sister and everyone on the surface couldn’t fight against it
It would take more than just me
I really hoped those gen didn’t screw me over with the message I’d ask them to send a Harley
Sure they had no reason to stab me in the back
But then they were all safe and cozy and their pilfered Otherworld
What happened in the human world didn’t have to affect them if they didn’t want it to
I couldn’t put all my eggs in that basket
Thang Thang
I tapped my fingers against the stem of my Ambrosia glass and let the cogs were
Freaking foremost the best way to stop anything from happening was to convince kayak not to raise Atlantis
That was a long shot
I felt it
Which left my next option
Make lox and Erebus help by hook or by crook
You aren’t currently talking since one was heartbroken and the other was angry and jealous over the Kaya debacle
But I heard the tales of Erebus is philandering in ancient Greece and if they’ve recovered from that
They can recover from anything
Especially if they had a common goal
Then there is the option 3 which is already in motion
Send a message to Harley so she can prepare herself and the rest of the Magical World
If they knew Atlantis plan to rise then they could fight it
Get optimism Escapes Me
There were a million atlanteans maybe more
At least one even the weakest had a boat load more power than the ordinary everyday magical
What if it isn’t enough
I had lifted sharply and my eyes darted across the crowd looking for my friends
I wanted to look at them to speak to them to tell them what I’ve done so they could find Hope in it
Even if I currently couldn’t
Mydayis found ryanne with a kind of laser focus that would have made the US military Green With Envy
My stomach turned at the sight of a red and tearful eyes
As our friends gathered around her obviously offering sympathy
Couldn’t bear the sight
Making my decision I Rose from my chair
Where are you going
Diet and reads for mine and our eyes met
Just someone I actually give a damn about
I wanted to fire back at her
But the words slowly melted away
And I found myself at a strange loss
It was in such a fog had to spend it over my mind
Whatever I had just been thinking was lost
And then
All I could see with her
My wife
A new feeling bloomed in my chest
Potent and intent
And I didn’t smile turn the corners of my lips
And when the fog lifted I remembered my lost thought
I wondered if you might like to dance
For Eyes the glitter and so beautifully that I wanted to cry
I would love to
Taking her hand I helped her to her feet
The crowd of revelers turned to look at us as we walked to the dance floor
Do I knew their attention was all for her
Divine goddess
Divine goddess
We’d almost reach the edge of the Dancefloor the others dispersing so we can have it to ourselves
When something fluttered out of my pant leg
And stooped to pick it up
Keeping Tire slender fingers in one hand
Unfolding it I read that chicken scratch words
You love Ryan you’ve been forced into this
You don’t love Kaya
She’s not who you think she is
Kyle will destroy the world
Contact Harley at any cost and stop the upcoming War
You have to
It was clearly some stupid prank
Maybe a little kid developed a sudden sense of humor
I haven’t been forced into anything
Rather I married the woman of my dreams
And I couldn’t have been happier


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