Fire from the sky: Firestorm

Fire from the sky: Firestorm is the fourth novel in the Fire from the Sky series by author N.C. Reed. Clayton Sanders protects his family from his father’s arch-enemy, his father’s army is preventing Clay and his crew from getting what they need. Clay and their friends must do to protect their family and home. We invite you to stay tuned for the sequel to this wonderful book.

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Review 1: Fire from the sky: Firestorm audiobook by BDubs

Fire Fire Fire

What an awesome series. Just when things are looking up there’s fire. Will they all survive? Well, I just finished book 8 and the story keeps building. This was a very important book and some of the characters you didn’t like so much you might end up liking. So much is in this book and much more is on its way. All you need to know is it is worth a credit. I even bought extra credits to finish the series. Now I’m waiting on book 9. Also, check out the Parno series and Odd Billy Todd. All are awesome.

Review 2: Fire from the sky: Firestorm audiobook by wrench

Great Entertainment

Hits all the right buttons for a great story. when you can emerse yourself in such a story and feel you are right there, feel the pathos of the moment, and know you are a part of the situation and circumstances, then the storyteller has done all you can ask. N.C. has done that here and I hope he continues to do that. Thank Mr Reed. Hooah!!

Review 3: Fire from the sky: Firestorm audiobook by Andy McKinney

Not only does Mr. Reed have a growing bunch of characters that we now know and care about, but he also has a fast-paced, twisty, and interesting plot as well. Just when things seem to settle down a little, they don’t settle down at all.
I admit that I succumbed to his cliffhanger ending of book three and went right out and ordered up book for. glad I did, too. this one is just as good as the first three. Not only are there the very bad, bad guys but Clay, the main character, has to deal with his own family and their all too human irrationalities. Of course, those irrationalities can easily get everyone on the Sanders farm very and quickly dead.
Author Reed has the knack of putting out what we want to read, and he seems to have no trouble at all in doing so. I am very pleased that there are many more in the Sanders saga for me to read. He also has a bunch of other books for me to sample as well.
I put this series at the top of the genre. These are good books.

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