Fleishman Is in Trouble A Novel

Fleishman Is in Trouble is a horror novel by author Taffy Brodesser-Akner. This is a poignant, unsettling exploration of a culture that tries to navigate institutional errors worthy of our great hope. Toby Fleishman and his wife separated after 15 years, he is trying to find ways to rebalance things in his own life.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Fleishman Is in Trouble A Novel audiobook by Readerly

I’ve long been a fan of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s journalism and have been eagerly awaiting this novel.

It’s a bunch of things I don’t normally like – New York, a white man’s midlife crisis and sexual awakening, but she’s such an amazing writer she pulls it off.

There are a few twists so I won’t say more about the plot. They’re not Gone Girl-style twists, just turns in perspective that made me want to re-read the whole thing with a different understanding.

A lot of people will give this up too early. It probably should have been cut by 75 pages. Stick with it. She’s such a thoughtful and talented writer. It’s worth it.

Review 2: Fleishman Is in Trouble A Novel audiobook by David Kaufman

Looking at the more negative reviews, I’ve noticed a common thread; they all stopped reading the book, and as a result missed what made the book great.

The author’s writing style is quite narrative in nature and she’s funny. Because of that, it might appear from the early parts of the novel that it is simply a sort of “slice of life” thing highlighting Fleishman’s newly hedonistic life that he gets to enjoy while simultaneously able to clearly paint his wife as the villain. That is merely, however, the setup for a much more complex work that deals with marriage, roles, sex, gender and wealth in society, together with the pressures of each. The apparent simplicity of the early parts of the novel create an environment that makes the continuation of the story considerably stronger, and it is to the authors CREDIT, not DETRIMENT that the reader is led down the path that was criticized by those who failed to complete the journey.

By knocking off reading when they did, these reviewers cheated themselves out of the big payoff, and I encourage them to pick the book up again and trust a little bit.

A great book.

Review 3: Fleishman Is in Trouble A Novel audiobook by Kimberly Bufkin

This story is fresh, blunt, relatable, and awesome!

Immediately found this book after hearing the author talk about it… so grateful for it!
I am a 40yr old woman, divorced, business owner, and mother and I am astounded by the truth that this story conveys, but more so in a companionate, messy, and completely ELOQUENT way! So relatably written!
The insight is outstanding yet, not judgmental, and even… hopeful!
I would think to describe it as a coming of age or womanhood, (or marriage counselling?)… but really, it could be summed up as a coming to *acceptance* and I love and appreciate that! Bravo and THANK YOU

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