Free Online Audiobook – American Gods A Novel By Neil Gaiman

American Gods is the first book in the American Gods series by renowned author Neil Gaiman. The story involves Shadow locked in iron for three years, he waits for the day to return to Eagle Point, Indiana.. He has nothing to worry about, he hopes to see his wife Laura whom he loves and start a new life. But Laura and Shadow’s best friend are killed in the accident. He returned home to accept an offer to work for a secret man.

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Review 1: American Gods A Novel audiobook by Aladda Phisayavong

Oh… My… GODS!!! (bah dum bum!) Hee hee ha ha!

I am so angry at myself for putting this off for so long. I should have grabbed it and enjoyed it years ago when it was first released.
Bottom line, a great listen. The reader sounds exactly, EXACTLY, like Anthony Hopkins. lol Awesome. Frickin’ awesome.
Hell effing yes I would recommend this audiobook! Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!

Review 2: American Gods A Novel audiobook by Nicole

Hmmm something was missing

I don’t know, the book was fine but I kept feeling something else was missing, it didn’t really trap me, maybe there were too many elements taking place but something quite not made it for me. It could have been a different, more intimate story, but there was too much information it became confusing and meh. Ok in general I guess.

Review 3: American Gods A Novel audiobook by Anonymous User

Great experience

All in all a great book with interesting characters and intriguing plot. Clearly shows that Mr. Gaiman had done his homework. Plot was also surprising and kept you guessing throughout.

Also George Guidall gave a lovely performance portraing the varied cast

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