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Delta-v is a novel by author Daniel Suarez. The best-selling author returns in the near-future tech thriller, a charismatic billionaire recruits a team of adventurers to launch the first ever space exploration, a transformative mission. orbit of human civilization. Cave diver James Tighe is invited to the private island of billionaire Nathan Joyce, he has discovered Joyce’s near-Earth asteroid, the goal of kicking off the entire world economy.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Delta-v audiobook by James Heczko

Daemon Deja Vu in Deep Space

The story follows the basic Daemon pattern … a brilliant, seemingly evil billionaire has an elaborate plan to change the world. In this case, it’s deep space rather than MMO.
The good: Suarez is brilliant at weaving near-future technology into an interesting story that stretches the mind. Jeff Gurner did his usual great job at narration.
The bad: The writing and story are sloppy compared to his prior books. The first 75% of the book could have been cut in half, and the character development wasn’t up to Suarez’s usual standard.
The inevitable: Clearly this book is screaming for a sequel.
Overall: Worth the credit and glad I spent the time, though I’m hoping the sequel will be more tightly written.

Review 2: Delta-v audiobook by Jarrett A. Bucknor

Not Daniel’s Best Work

I’ve listened to all of Daniel’s book and this book does not measure up to his other books. The book is an okay listen, the ending was lacking. Jeff did another amazing job reading.

Review 3: Delta-v audiobook by BenQ4Life

Generally, the book, once it gets into space is fairly well written so it gets three stars.

That said, everything else was subpar. The villains were often moustache-twirlers, and its clearly a screed against all things capitalism, with unrealistic characters to try to prove the author’s points. Complete with a scene where Daniel provides his opinion on ‘what is money’, complete with a character who won a Nobel Prize in Economics to try to convince you of it. Just what?

Beyond that… be aware that the ending is a copout and doesn’t really provide closure to the characters. Instead, It was clearly done this way to setup a sequel bad movie-style. For that, he lost another star. I read your stuff for complete stories, sir.

But, as stated… when dealing with the space stuff and the survival sci-fi, I was entertained.

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