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Duplicity is the first novel in the Duplicity series by authors Michael Giorgione and Pete Earley. President Sally Allworth decided to re-establish the US Mogadishu embassy in Somalia a few weeks ago on election day, the challenger said she was playing a political game with American lives. The embassy is attacked and hostages taken. Embassy station chief Gunter Conner and ship captain Brooke Grant, they are the only ones to save their captured colleagues.

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Review 1: Duplicity A Novel audiobook by shelley

Sometimes enemies dress in friends’ clothing…

After stopping a suicide bomber from exploding his vest in London makes the president of the US take notice of Marine Captain Brooke Grant. Brooke soon becomes a hero with her face known to many.
General Frank Grant the Joint Chief of Staff has been able to watch out for and protect his niece Brooke placing her in places like Paris and London. That is up until the president decides to send her to Mogadishu to establish an American embassy in Somalia.
What happens next is in the publisher’s summary. What it doesn’t say in the summary is the help enlisted by the US to rescue hostages is guilty of duplicity and betrays the president but Brooke Grant witnesses the betrayal…
I listened to book 3 first, not realizing that it was part of a series. Now I’m backtracking to book one.
This book doesn’t take off quite as quickly as the third. I think that’s understandable since the characters are being established in this book. However, once it does take off, it TAKES OFF!!!! About 1/3 of the way through the book takes on locomotive speed.
Robert Fass does an excellent job narrating however I did enjoy Eric Martin’s narration of book three more.
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Review 2: Duplicity A Novel audiobook by Justme

Hard to put down

This book was harder to put down than a Michael Crichton novel. I thought at first that a political novel might be a little sleepy and boring but not this one. There was great action from the first chapter and stayed that way through the entire book. Also this isn’t a book that tries to sell Republican ideas but seemed to focus on a more serious problem that our country is facing. This is a must read for every American regardless of your political stance.

Review 3: Duplicity A Novel audiobook by deb

Overall I liked the book BUT

Where does Duplicity rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

It is ok but I have a ton of audio books in the hundreds if not over a thousand so where could you place it most likely bottom of the middle third.

What about Robert Fass’s performance did you like?

Narration was good

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

No The Protagonist Marine Corps Captain was not very convincing. I hated that she had to argue with any one and every one that she came in contact with . Though supposedly the heroin of the story I kept hoping she would either mature as character or the author would write her out of the story.

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