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H.M.S. Cockerel is the sixth literary fiction book in the Alan Lewrie series by author Dewey Lambdin.
Alan Lewrie, the flamboyant navy warrior turned family man, yearns to fight. Called to H.M.S. Cockerel, a sleek frigate commanded by a malaria tyrant, 1st Officer Lewrie quickly commanded, bringing Cockerel from the lavish pleasures of the Kingdom of Naples to a smoking cauldron named is Toulon. A massive alliance of old enemies is embroiled in a gruesome sea battle against the French revolutionaries, in a bloody and terrorizing siege that will send shockwaves around the world.

He fought and loved on land and at sea from the Americas to the East Indies.
Alan Lewrie is an unforgettable rogue hero in an age of spray-painted, wooden-walled battleships.

Alan was appointed 1st Officer on HMS Cockerel commanded by Captain Braxton, of the type Captain Bligh, who secured his authority through feminism and severe discipline with gratuitous actions to keep the crew under a tight thumb. I was afraid Dewey Lambdin would turn Lewrie into another Fletcher Christian but thankfully not. After that, the story turned sour for me on two fronts, first with Lewrie getting involved with Lady Emma Hamilton when she landed in Naples and then with Sophie in Toulon.

Since I really love sea battles, these romantic redirects make me start skipping pages to get into the action. Particularly annoying was the heavy use of French while Lewrie was in Toulon which made reading slow and boring. In the end though there was a good sea battle where Lewrie saw Cockerel dodging a battle and he had to use his best strategy and strategy to confront and hit the two French escorts. The great ending with Lewrie witnessing Admiral Hood finally wise up to Captain Braxton’s cowardice and ultimately reward Lewrie with his own command. Now I, like Alan, can look forward to following him where he commands and can begin to show his true talents as captain of the ship and possibly beyond. more in the Royal Navy.

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