The part takes from Harry the only source of inspiration and support that Harry possessed right from the beginning, the dear principal of Hogwarts, Dumbledore. The chapter reveals several secrets as well related to the dark lord that Harry never knew.

Also the true identity and motives of several characters are revealed who have been in the story since the opening chapter. Dumbledore’s wand hand right at the start is blackened but he never reveals anything to Harry or any other soul of the wizarding world except the one he trusts the most. Harry starts a mission on his own, a mission that would define the destiny of Harry and the dark lord.

The role of Malfoy becomes quite important this time as he is not an ordinary villain in Harry’s life that can do a little bit bullying, he shows is allegiance with Lord Voldemort and is planning to bring the order of the Phoneix down to the ground.

Harry is need of each and every friend and helping hand that he could get as the war is near and the threats have never been so high. Finally towards the end of the book J.K Rowling breaks the secret of Lord Vodemort’s immortality and the truth that lies behind the darkening hand of Dumbledore.

The killing of Dumbledore is really a heart tendering scene as the great one falls with a bang but again one can think that the whole thing is perhaps not tragedy it is the perfect planning of the great wizard and it is in this way he wanted to be remembered in the world that he dominated for decades.

After Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5  and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Book 4 it is from this part the story rejoins the third part and serves as a foundation of an epic conclusion. Jim Dale changes the style of narration as well according to the changes that are brought in the story by the writer and this is what that makes the narration a perfect match.

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