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Hattie Brown Versus the Elephant Captors is a children’s book by author Claire Harcup.
When Hattie Brown was tricked back into Somewhere-Nowhere, she fell into a trap. Lord Mortimer, its brutal leader, wants to capture her and her friend Arthur because he knows they can make rain.

Hattie wasn’t going home. She discovers that Lord Mortimer threw her friend Victor in prison because he helped her and Arthur free an army of kidnapped children, and she is determined to rescue him. In the cell beside him, they found Lord Mortimer’s brother, Lord Jasper. And Hattie discovers Lord Jasper is not only her father but also Arthur’s.

In this book, Hattie and Arthur are dragged back to Somewhere-Nowhere, where they realize they need to save their elephant friend Victor. Join them in this dangerous yet exciting adventure to save him and defeat Lord Mortimer.
Along the way, they meet new friends, make new enemies, and discover more about themselves than ever before. I cannot recommend this series enough for children of late elementary and early middle school age.
I love using my imagination and this book lets you do just that. Claire Harcup has created an amazing story and land that you never want to leave.

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