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Havoc’s Sword is the eleventh novel in the Alan Lewrie series by author Dewey Lambdin.
In 1798, Dewey Lambdin’s lovable but irreparable rogue, Captain Alan Lewrie, and the crew of the frigate Proteus, cut their jobs as they sailed through the war-torn Caribbean. devastating war. Lewrie hastily swore to defend a friend’s honor in a mortal battle. He is faced with the gruesome unwelcome arrival of HM Government Foreign Ministry agents.

He must design a confrontation with his archenemy, the hideous goblin of the Terror of the French Revolution, the clever youkai Guillaume Choundas! Lewrie also has to deal with the newly reborn US Navy, that nasty, unofficial “ally” and the life-changing surprise they bring.

Lambdin’s Sea Adventures and Alan Lewrie are my favorite characters. Lewrie’s playboy nature is well balanced with a character that emphasizes a sense of duty to his country, a hidden quest for those he leads, and a keen intuition for his country. allowed him to face difficult social problems with confidence, wit, and indelibility. infatuated.

Sometimes, I think Lambdin’s books get a bit shabby, especially since most of the story takes place on land. But Havoc’s Sword is fairly balanced in this respect, and the fading of a “land story” doesn’t creep into this one. I think this is one of Lewrie’s best.

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