Heart of Gold: A Novel (Montana Justice Book 3) – Audiobook Online

Heart of Gold: A Novel is a beautiful book by author B. J. Daniels.
Charlie Farmington has blamed himself for the unsolved murder of his step-sister Lindy for fifteen years. Then, through the twinkling lights and pine-scented air of Montana’s Christmas, she caught a glimpse of Lindy—alive—standing in the street. Charlie turns to the only person she can trust to help her: Westly “Shep” Shepherd, her first love, who knows all of Charlie’s secrets…except for one.

The attractive girl Shep has a crush on has turned into a charming woman. She comes back into his life, he will do whatever he can to help her discover what really happened to his sister. When Charlie finally reveals the secret that divided them years ago, Shep realizes how much danger still lurks. For the truth of that night wasn’t just darkness – it was deadly. And their second chance together may end before it even begins…

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