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Heavier Than a Mountain is the third science fiction book in the Destiny’s Crucible series by author Olan Thorensen.
Joe Colsco wants in life a pretty enjoyable job that supports a quiet, laid-back suburban lifestyle, ultimately a small family and time to pursue hobbies.

A horrible accident sends him naked onto a beach of another planet, inhabited by humans with technology around 1700. Joe, now known as Yozef Kolsko, finds it difficult to accept a life. new, has a respectable place in his new society. , and was married with a child along the way. He was embroiled in a struggle beyond any dream he might have had.

Narthani is a warrior society intent on subduing Caedelli, whom he sympathizes with. Despite Yozef’s hope is to focus his life on transferring scientific knowledge and supporting a calm life.
As his actions and ideas become more important in the fight against Narthani, he reluctantly finds himself drawn into leadership roles he doesn’t believe he’s qualified for – including the effort. unite the Caedelli clans.

  • Heavier Than a Mountain

  • Destiny’s Crucible, Book 3
  • By: Olan Thorensen

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