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Hello, Darkness is a mystery novel by author Sandra Brown.
Since moving to Austin to ease the pain of tragic mistakes, Paris Gibson has lived a life of near-isolation, only coming to life at night when she hosts her popular radio show. The person who identifies himself as “Valentino” – tells Paris that the girl he loves has dumped him because of Paris’s online advice. He intends to exact revenge by killing the girl and then going to Paris.

Desperate to stop the sinister Valentino, Paris enlists the help of the police – including criminal psychologist Dean Malloy, the very man she had hoped never to see again.

This is my second book by Sandra Brown and I love both. The pace is relentless and you never know who the culprit is, even though you have your doubts, until the very last moment. I can’t understand why I didn’t pay attention to these books before, but when I did, I’m glad I did. Yes, the story gets a bit absurd at times, but since it’s just an excellent, fast-paced story, I’ve completely overlooked this.

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