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How May I Offend You Today? is a good book by author Susannah B. Lewis.
Millions of fans online have flocked to Susannah B. Lewis’ hysterical, prison-free taunts about her pet’s tantrums in everyday life. Lewis turns her signature humor into the ordinary events that worry her – from people wearing lewd T-shirts to public displays of affection in Lowe’s plumbing aisle. The wry attitude of keeping an eye on herself and her own temptation to vent her grievances “like a teenage girl in overalls and Birkenstocks.

Lewis said what many of us had thought, and in the process, she encouraged us to stand firm. How May I Offend You Today’s witty yet realistic jokes and uplifting, inspirational message? giving listeners everywhere the motivation they need to get through even their toughest days.

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