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How Much I Care is the second literary fiction book in the Miami Nights series by author Marie Force.
A steamy new contemporary romance about two strangers who find love in the most unexpected way – by saving a life.


At the top of my game, pitching for Baltimore and being a single dad to the cutest little girl in the world, I’m living the dream. Until I got the dreaded call that Everly was sick. My whole world stopped when the doctors said my baby’s only chance was a bone marrow transplant. My life became a living nightmare as I waged a fight to save my daughter. She needs a miracle. What we get is a stranger… and Maria can save both of us.


My life in Miami may not have been flashy, but it was rewarding. I split my time between working as a nurse at a free clinic and serving as a waitress at my family’s Cuban-Italian restaurant. After being cheated on by my longtime boyfriend, I’m not exactly looking for Mr. Right but won’t kick him out of bed if he suddenly shows up. Six months after I donated bone marrow to a baby girl in Baltimore, I received an email from the child’s grateful father, but everything was anonymous until the one-year mark.

What happens when Austin is scheduled to play in Miami, and the team arranges a meeting between Austin, Everly and Maria.

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