Lady Blues: forget-me-not

Lady Blues: forget-me-not is the tenth novel in the LeGarde Mysteries series by Aaron Paul Lazar. The content of this book is about the past and present collide with the fragile memories of Alzheimer’s patients holding mysteries from World War II, including a secret love long lost. Terrified that the miracle drug suddenly stopped working, Gus panicked. Will Gus be able to find Bella’s disappearing memories.

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Review 1: Lady Blues: forget-me-not audiobook by Ashanti

A Well Crafted, Enjoyable Story

As far as I know, Aaron Paul Lazar does not write in the urban fantasy genre I normally read/listen to, but I have read a couple of his books when the mood has hit me to read something different from my usual choices. Each time I’ve picked an Aaron Paul Lazar novel, I’ve never been let down. He just crafts really great stories. In this book, Mr. Lazar gives you a tender love story, a mystery and an evil pharmaceutical corporation.

Narrator Dave Kudler does a great job with this book. He not only brings life to an already lively story, he also takes on the challenges of accents, which several characters in the book have. I really liked “Lady Blues: Forget Me Not: A Gus LeGarde Mystery” and I think you will too. Finally, this audio book was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of Audio Book Blast.

Review 2: Lady Blues: forget-me-not audiobook by Ellen Oceanside


Beautiful love story and full of memories. Gus helping a man to remember the days when he was a musician with Glen Miller, and the blue singer he loved. A Korean immigrant that Gus befriends when the traitor shop is burned, adds the mystery part. Well done, and narration added to this story. Given audio for my voluntary review

Review 3: Lady Blues: forget-me-not audiobook by Dee

This book is why I love audiobooks!?

Any additional comments?

This was a great listen! It was a perfect blend of story and narrator with a splash of “way to go humans!”

The story is only loosely a mystery. You spend most of your time getting to know some pretty special people. There are two story lines that intersect for a moment but are wholly sustainable on their own. The main character, Gus, is the thread and he weaves a wonderful first person story about his interaction with, and love for, the people in those two worlds.

There is an earlier story (or two) that is alluded to with this listen and that just succeeds in whetting your appetite to find those earlier titles. I’m on the hunt!!

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