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Let Go of the Guilt is a parenting book by author Valorie Burton.
Life coach Valorie Burton teaches you a simple yet profound method that will free you from the “wrong feeling” so common among today’s busy women.

Both working and stay-at-home mothers agree that women’s expectations have increased dramatically in recent decades.

Many women overcompensate and apologize while guilt diminishes the joys of motherhood, relationships, and career achievement. Guilt helps you peel away layers of emotional, cultural, and spiritual expectations that make it difficult to navigate the many roles, dreams, and day-to-day needs in your life.

Valorie Burton shows you how:

Identify and overcome the five types of accusatory thinking
Break the habit of easily pretending to tease you subconsciously choosing guilt over joy,
Feelings of guilt considering your daily decisions and interactions,
Reverse those false accusation trips so you can prevent others from manipulating you and
Stop giving yourself stress, listening and obligations, and instead, set yourself up for a life of joy and freedom.
Valorie’s research-based regulatory and journaling questions will change your perspective, give you clarity and certainty, and equip you with an action plan to quit guilt forever.

I listened to Patrice Washington Pod Cast and Valerie was her guest – hearing Valerie literally changed my life – Because he gave me a new perspective, it was one of those unexpected moments right away. immediately that you read in the Bible. This book is perfect – the content makes sense, is impactful, and relevant. Also think organization. And her tone and speed of delivery are also perfectly executed. I make sure to podcast with everyone I know or I think they will listen to.

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