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Let it All Burn is the first fiction book in the From the Ashes series by author Denise Grover Swank.
Darcie Weatherby has it all – a sixteen-year-old and sixteen-year-old twins, a wayward grandmother, a nightmare boss and a manipulative ex-husband.
But like most single mothers, Darcie accepts and deals with it, because what else can she do? The kids need to be fed, her grandmother needs, and her tough boss needs to be appeased.

Burning down her boss’s house was a complete accident.

It didn’t take long before Darcie realized that she was running on borrowed time. She finds a way to control these hot flashes, she will most likely burn herself up at the Founding Day Masquerade and leave her children orphaned. There’s no way in hell – or Perry’s Fall, Ohio – Darcie would let that happen.

Never underestimate a mother’s determination.

The fact that Darcie is in her forties is a bonus.
Being a new single mom and raising her kids alone and suddenly finding herself back in the workforce turns her life upside down. Her new boss isn’t exactly the nicest person, her ex-husband doesn’t pay child support, which makes it difficult for Darcie, especially with the teenagers in the house, who are very young. dynamic.

When a much younger man at the office asked her out on a date, she was both scared and flattered. Being flirted with by another man while she and her date are waiting at their table is definitely a confidence booster. When a strange woman helps her and her daughter find the perfect date dress, things start to go crazy, as the woman whispers something to her then suddenly disappears, Darcie. started to get angry, but what delighted her were her really hot flashes.
Such funny characters. Well written, great character development and world building is awesome.

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