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Lies, Damned Lies and History is a literary fiction book in the series The Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor.
I did some stupid things in my time. I broke a few rules. I ruined so many lives or left such a trail of destruction behind.

Max will be the first to admit, she’s never been one to follow the rules. They tend to happen to other people. She’s gone too far, and everyone is paying the price. Grounded until the end of time, how can she put everything right?

Not only has the storyline become significantly better, but the author has also found a way to dramatize the story without causing the characters in love to experience some adverse communication disaster that befalls them.

The best part of this story for me has always been the moments where the characters go back and see a historical event in a new light. The most important by far is the return trip to the days of Arthur and his knights. For one thing, I never realized that The Author, Excalibur, and Nights of the Round Table were based on a real historical figure (this was one of those times when I felt like a stupid American when complete lack of historical knowledge of the American Revolution). A possible way for him to be able to travel and save days for various communities is fantastic and I might be the funniest solution to fighting a battle that the men of St. . Mary thought of it.

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