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Long Way Back is a literary fiction book by author Brendan Halpin.
Francis had two childhood encounters that shaped his life: one with God and the other with Dee Dee Ramone. With his life falling apart in adulthood, Francis, feeling betrayed by God, turns to his other spiritual mentor, who emerges as the rarest of creatures, a punk rock player. middle-age. A love letter to punk rock and the spiritual power of music, Long Way Back transcends grief and tragedy toward a new beginning for Francis and an ending that’s sure to make even punters. Even the most difficult to cry.

In Long Way Back, author Brendan Halpin recounts the revival of Francis Kelly, a devout Catholic who lost his beloved wife and later renounced his faith. The story is told through the eyes of his older sister, Clare, a nurse who practices serving God through nursing, always looking for jobs that require selflessness as well as professional acumen. Her faith survived because of Francis, who had an unmistakable “religious experience” as a teenager that left a lifelong impression on her, direct proof that there is a God.

And as they grew up, Francis became a devout lay minister in the Catholic church, directly influencing the lives of many of the youth in the youth group he sponsored. Over time, he meets and marries the love of his life, Lourdes, an oncologist who is one of those rare people as amazing as she seems. Their love filled Francis, fulfilling him in a way that even his faith could not.

But Lourdes was suddenly knocked down and died after being in a coma despite her husband’s earnest prayers. After losing her, Francis became bitter towards God and hostile to the church, especially after the recent pedophilia scandal in the Boston area where he lived and worked.

  • Long Way Back

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