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The war goes on in the chapter of the Wheel of Time and the more it moves further the more corrosive the situation becomes for the heroes and the warriors who have been sacrificing their lives in the battlefield since the previous chapter. 

The wind of fate is continuously working against the people of the land bring death and decay that cannot be stopped at any cost. The lord of the devils awakes to bring havoc by unleashing the powers that are bestowed on him since the beginning of time. 

Rand Al Thor again working for the immortals against his will as he is someone who should be bringing down the thunder on the weak race but instead of doing the devilish things for which he was born he tries to bring unity. Bringing unity among the humans seem to be the only way out this time even for the mighty Dragon Reborn as he finds the people of the White Tower on its tale all the time.

The White Tower wants to have the Dragon Reborn for their own personal use that’s why they want to make him their slave for the rest of eternity. It seems that Robert Jordon has woven the previous parts for this particular chapter as the whole of evil appears in its full power. The scenes of such magnitude were not there in The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt.

The narrator Kate Reading and Michael Kramer describe the weather situation in a marvelous way and the fictional characters are given such a lively tone that we feel ourselves firmly gripped by the story and the narrators.   

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