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Man of My Time is a literary fiction book by author Dalia Sofer.
Man of My Time, tells the story of Hamid Mozaffarian, who is alienated from himself as well as from the world. Hamid goes to New York, where he meets his estranged family and retrieves the ashes of his father – who was cremated despite his religion – to honor his wish to be buried in Iran.

Hamid enters an excavation – filled with bitter intelligence and bitter memories – of his betrayed life, and prompts him to trace his transformation from a precocious boy. love with marbles into a man who, when he saw his own reflection, was startled when he encountered “a delicate, wrathful creature”. As he reconnects with his brother and others living in exile, Hamid is forced to confront his past, his failed marriage and altered relationship with his daughter, the underlying violent nature, and the incident. his opponent in a system that has trapped him for decades.

Man of My Time explores variations of loss – about people, places, ideals, time, and self. The novel is not only about family and memory, but also about the interweaving of captor and captive, country and citizen, individual and legacy. Author of the best-selling book The Septembers of Shiraz, evoking the inner lives of a generation dominated by the footprints of the past.

This is a sad, well-written story of how the turmoil of the late 20th century affected so many families. I think some stories could have more depth, especially the lives of people who immigrated to the United States. And some very cruel decisions of the protagonist are not fully explained. But overall this is a good, serious, engaging, fairly fair work. Just another story about the dark side of ideology and the blindness of both sides in so much conflict.

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