Moving Target – Ali Reynolds Book 9

Moving Target is the 9th novel the Ali Reynolds series by author J. A. Jance. Ali Reynolds travels across continents to solve a cold murder case and find a dead juvenile delinquent. Ali on a transatlantic adventure and straight into the path of the deadly killer.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Moving Target – Ali Reynolds Book 9 audiobook by MidwestGeek

Unbelievable plot and characters.Terrible dialogue

It’s been 5 years since I read her “Taking the Fifth,” which I panned. I somehow decided to give her another chance with a different protagonist with a mystery dealing with cyberspace. I’m sorry to say that I was right the first time–Unbelievable plot and silly prose, reminded me of fiction in Reader’s Digest as opposed to, say, The New Yorker. At some points, I had the feeling this might have been written for a young adult audience, which might explain why the author felt she needed to spell everything out in elaborate detail and explain things more than once. Even then, I think it was lacking. Were it not for the narrator, I probably would not have finished. Despite her great ratings and popularity, I won’t be reading any more from J.A. Jance.

Review 2: Moving Target – Ali Reynolds Book 9 audiobook by Jean

a cold case and a new case

I read somewhere that this is J. A. Jance’s 50th book. I believe this is the 9th book in the Ali Reynolds series. This book has two complicated mysteries one in England and one in Texas. Ali and Leland are in England to meet his family and B Simpson is in Texas looking into the ‘accident” of a young teenage computer hacker that his company had caught on behalf of their client the school district. Jance does a good job with developing the characters and the story details; it was no problem juggling the two mysteries in my mind while reading. The story has lots of technology and internet intrigue which sort of gives a warning about the security of your information on the net. I noted that Jance had the DNA scientist in the story been denied admittance to Oxford because she was a woman. The character goes to the USA to University and comes back to take over her Uncles DNA lab next to Oxford and only hires women. I had read that Jance was denied admission to the University of Arizona’s creative writing program because she was a woman. Women have made some progressed on the road to equality. Looks like this book is setting up for the next one to have Ali’s and B’s wedding. Karen Ziemba does a good job narrating the story.

Review 3: Moving Target – Ali Reynolds Book 9 audiobook by helen

Jance hits the target – Perfectly!

What did you love best about Moving Target?

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the ongoing story of Ali Reynolds and her wonderful aide Leland Brooks. The story line was exciting as was the second underlying story relating to Leland.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

Loved the narrator’s performance – though I am not sure if it was my aging ipod but the cut and joining of narration is at times annoying.

Any additional comments?

If you love Jance you’ll love this next Ali Reynolds Mystery. Thanks J. A. Jance.


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