Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH – Full Audiobook By Robert O’Brien

A very old story but among those that is heard almost by all of us in our childhood when we used to live in the world of imagination and were ready to believe fantasies. Not only the imaginative skills of Robert O’ Brien make it a special treat of the children but the quality of the writing and the words that are used. The author writes as if all of it really happened in the real world and the author was observing it from a distance. 

The farm life specially is so real and most of the people think that it was the tours of early age to the village by the author that made him write this tale. The village that has been described is so rich in life and although we are more into the mouse world all the time but the scenario around is never left untouched. 

Mrs. Frisby is an intelligent looking mouse who is confronting a very big problem of shifting because the plowing season is approaching near. She wants to shift her whole family to a place where they can live safe and sound and have no worry of the food supply too. She has a group of rats with her that is more intelligent than they look because they were experimented with in the lab once. 

The mouse and rats are like the people in the society that plan before the approach of a calamity but not all the people around them support their ideas. Barbara Caruso’s narration is according to the new style and a little changed if compared with The Highly Sensitive Person and Little Women yet no harm is done to the originality of the book. Some work could have been done on the volume it is a little squeaky at times.




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