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My Favorites is a science fiction book by author Ben Bova.
Each story includes a brand new introduction with fascinating insight into the story.
Bova not only writes about spaceships, aliens, and time travel in most of her books, but also speculates about the beginnings of science fiction in “Scheherazade and the Storytellers,” as well as Human Ethics in “Scheherazade and the Storytellers”. “A gift from an angel.”

Stories like “The Café Coup” and “We’ll Always Have Paris” dip into speculative historical fiction, questioning what would happen if someone could change history for the better. .

In this new anthology, Ben Bova has compiled 14 of his favorite short stories.
Stories included in this collection: “The Monster Slayer,” “Muzhestvo,” “We Will Always Have Paris,” “The Great Moon Hoax, or The Princess of Mars,” “Feelings.” inspiration,” “Scheherazade and the Storytellers,” “The Supersonic Zeppelin,” “Mars Farts,” “The Man Who Hate Gravity,” “Sepulcher,” “The Café Coup,” “The Angel’s Gift,” “Waterbot, ” and “Sam and the Flying Dutchman.”

His own collection of favorite stories from the ones he’s written doesn’t sit well with me. And he missed his own point in one of them. The story of using cheaper basic construction workers over expensive robots certainly made sense. That also happened today. but, he did get a chance to point out the difference between weight and mass in case a giant beam spiraled out of control. In earth orbit it would have no weight, but it can still kill you if you get hit because it has mass times momentum.

  • My Favorites

  • A Collection of Short Stories
  • By: Ben Bova

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