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My Name is Markham is a science fiction book by author Jodi Taylor.
Bestselling author Jodi Taylor returns with the all-new The Chronicles of St Mary’s short story.

It was Christmas and the time of St Mary’s first annual Children’s Christmas Party – attendance was mandatory, by order of Dr Bairstow. Discovered practicing the illegal reindeer dance and his droppings habit, our hero, along with disaster magnets Peterson and Maxwell, are sent to Anglo-Saxon England to uncover the truth about Alfred and the cakes. Our hero reveals Major Guthrie’s six-point guide to mission success and the Security Department’s true view of the History Bureau. And of historians in general. And of a historian in particular.

Markham is our storyteller instead of Max. There’s still no answer to the burning wonder he let loose at the end of season 7. Markham is Markham, but the sneaky idea Max suggests is that he has more than he seems to have. be confirm. Christmas has come and this time, an authorized mission takes Markham, Peterson and Max to investigate quickly. This time Alfred’s cake burned. And of course there’s also a Christmas competition for kids at ST MARYS. Egads.

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