Nineteen Eighty – Red Riding Quartet

Nineteen Eighty is a literary fiction book in the Red Riding Quartet series by author David Peace.
Nineteen Eighty is a gripping battle between two desperate men, each determined to destroy the other.
Nineteen Eighty is set in an ever-evolving landscape of power, corruption, and lies.

The nightmare continued into the winter of 1980 when Ripper murdered his 13th victim and all of Yorkshire was terrorized. Assistant Sheriff Constable Hunter struggles to solve gruesome crimes and put an end to the horrors, but is increasingly drawn deeper and deeper into a world of bent and slimy coins. After his house burns down, his wife is threatened and his colleagues turn their backs on him, Hunter’s quest becomes personal because he has nothing left to lose.

This is the 3rd blook in the Red Riding quartet, which began in 1974 and continued three years later. The quartet revolves around police corruption in Yorkshire, where one of the crooked cops says: ‘this is the North and we do what we want’. Starting in 1974 and with several young girls missing, it turns to a time when the area is threatened by the Yorkshire Ripper, who mainly kills prostitutes in search of it.

It is questionable whether some of the women killed were victims of the Ripper or of corrupt policemen trying to cover up their actions. Newspapers, priests, crooked policemen and honest people are all caught up in a spiral of corruption clouding their minds. Family torn apart, a woman is raped by the police in front of her husband before he dies. If only a fraction of what these novels depict is true, it must be a horrible experience to be caught by the police. The corruption is so complete, so deep that the police are their own porn empire with prostitution and pornography and rationalize that they are ‘containing’ it by controlling it. They support and help local entrepreneurs chase money and get their hands on every piece of the pie, including local builders who are building an indoor shopping mall.

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