No Honor Among Thieves

No Honor Among Thieves is the 10.5 novel in the Ali Reynolds series by author J. A. Jance. This work is the combination of Ali Reynolds and Joanna Brady solving every crime in this novel. Legos is being watched by security firm B. Simpson, Ali Reynolds has the technology and information to track the money, which makes her a valuable asset to the Joanna team. They are comrades, kind-hearted spirit to overcome all challenges together.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: No Honor Among Thieves audiobook by Jean


I miss the Joanna Brady series. It has been sometime since Jance has written a new book in the series. I saw this novella that combines Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds together and thought it might be a fun read even if it is a novella.

Sheriff Brady received a call in the middle of the night about a semi- truck going over the embankment. It is not an accident; the driver was shot. The cargo was Legos being tracked by R’s security firm. Ali is sent to investigate and to follow the money with all her high tech equipment. It is great to have these two work together; all we need now is to add Beaumont. Maybe this will be a new series.

The book is well written. The pace is fast. To fully enjoy this novella, the reader should be familiar with both the Brady and Reynolds’ series. One thing I like about reading J. A. Jance books is there is no profanity.

Karen Ziemba does a great job narrating the book. She is the regular narrator for the Ali Reynolds’ series. Ziemba was a ballet dance, actress, singer and did musical theatre. She now is a well-known audiobook narrator.

Review 2: No Honor Among Thieves audiobook by LadyLindi

short and shallow -and I usually like Jance

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

No. Plot short and boring. And to say “not character driven” is an understatement. I realize it was meant to be short. I saw that it was before buying it. But I expected better from Jance, whom I normally like.

What was most disappointing about J. A. Jance’s story?

Not interesting,

What does Karen Ziemba bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Karen Ziemba is always an excellent narrator – her work on this is not a problem.

Was No Honor Among Thieves worth the listening time?

Not really.

Any additional comments?

I normally like both of Jance’s female characters – Joanna Brady and Alli, whose last name I cannot recall at the moment. In this book, they meet and it’s as if Jance thought this would be enough. But neither were represented in their fullness (their characters here were card boardy) and the plot was something I could have constructed in Jr. High school. I really hate to say that, because as I said, I usually like Jance’s books with these characters, but not this time.

Review 3: No Honor Among Thieves audiobook by M McLeod

Just too short . . .

A teaser of what’s to come. Love Joanna and Ali. Hurry and release their next adventure.

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