Now May You Weep – Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels Book 9

Now May You Weep is the ninth novel in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels series by author Deborah Crombie. The book is about the crimes that come when Gemma and her best friend, Hazel Cavendish, head to Scotland, a land of mist and fine whiskey. A hidden past and dangerous secrets exposed, Gemma discovers as a surprise encounter with Hazel’s old flame begins. Hazel is a reasonable suspect, but Gemma harbors many secrets and a simmering hatred. Cursed evidence against a friend Gemma never really knew, the investigation takes a darker turn. Gemma knew she needed to help untie this bloody knot. She calls the only man she can trust, Duncan Kincaid, to accompany her far from home and in a dangerous way.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Detective Inspector Gemma James is happy to be invited by his former mistress Hazel to spend a 4-day weekend in the Scottish Highlands. They’re going to visit one of Hazel’s old college friends, whose husband teaches cooking courses. Gemma is surprised to learn that a neighbor, Donald is Hazel’s ex, and when he dies, Gemma will be like her good friend. In “Now May You Weep” the story features Gemma, her partner Duncan Kincaid and their children, fresh and interesting Scottish characters. Hazel is consistently described as the most contented person on the planet, happy and secure in her marriage and job as a therapist. Suddenly in this book, she confesses that she has felt like dying again and again since ending her relationship with Donald about 10 years earlier. Miss Crombie is willing to change her characters’ personalities if it suits the story she wants to tell.

02- This is a fascinating book. The novel largely takes place in Scotland, and the mystery revolves around one of the supporting characters in the story. The main problem is a crisis, a familiar character that Gemma tries to help face. The story of Gemma and Kincaid’s family struggles climax. The main characters continue to develop while the reader sees them outside of the usual London working scene.

03- Deborah Crombie’s English-language mystery novel emphasizes that she was born and lived in Texas. Deborah Crombie has twice won the UK mystery writers’ top prize for her novels. . Now May You Weep is the ninth book about the Scottish Yard duo by Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. The two live together with his son, her son, two adorable dogs and an indifferent cat in a fashionable London neighborhood.
Like every other novel, the novel Now May You Weep is quite engaging and does not disappoint. The setting this time is not England but Scotland, where Gemma James has just been promoted to Inspector and is recovering from a traumatic miscarriage. Gemma James went to cooking school for a long weekend at a country breakfast with the biggest smile on her face. Hazel, an enduring rock of stability in Gemma’s tumultuous life, separates after a weekend full of horrifying surprises and tragic events.
Crombie’s work presents a picture of the local scene – the Scottish highlands in all its windy, splendor. Hidden behind the book is the old distillery, which gives Crombie a clear detailed explanation of how Scotland’s single malt whiskey is made.

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