Online Free A Bone of Contention – Matthew Bartholomew Book 3

A Bone of Contention is the third book on crime fiction and mystery in the Matthew Bartholomew series by Susanna Gregory. If you’ve loved Susanna Gregory’s previous books, you’ll love this gripping story. The content of the book is about Cambridge in 1352 with terrible clashes between the young university and the townspeople.

Matthew Bartholomew is a doctor and teacher at Michaelhouse College who is keeping the peace when a student is murdered and the town is plunged into chaos. Matthew is called back when a student’s body is found dead student’s lover and the daughter of the Dean of a student dormitory disappears.

Then a skeleton was discovered, believed to be that of a local martyr. Bartholomew has his hands full to investigate both of their deaths while the riots grow.
As riots break out in town, people die and buildings burn, Matthew and Michael feel it has a purpose and find a way to tie all of the events together to find out who is behind them.

Dr. Matthew is completely ignorant of women and taking advice from Brother Michael adds to the intrigue of this story. A story with engaging storytelling and the mysteries that lie behind this beautiful story.

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