Postmortem – Online Audiobook

Postmortem – Kay Scarpetta, Novel, Book 1, Online Audiobook By: Patricia Cornwell

Four young women were found murdered—tortured and strangled in their own beds—all victims of the same clever monster.

Using skilled hands and the latest technology in forensics, Kay Scarpetta begins the process of collecting the microscopic clues that the latest ravaged body has to offer.

Postmortem is a pretty good debut novel by author Patricia Cornwell. This is a crime mystery novel written and set in the 1990s in Richmond, Virginia. The main character is a medical examiner. The story is clearly written and is a good candidate for an audiobook. I read and listen at the same time. I liked the novel and intend to read another book by this author.

There are times when the novel seems to progress a little slowly. However, it picked up speed and I ended up getting excited and it turned into a page turner. I didn’t “solve” this mystery while reading it, however some plots are predictable. I still love the novel.

Where this is a debut novel with a female medical examiner as the main character, this mystery novel is reminiscent of “Deja Dead” by Kathy Reichs. I feel these two novels offer an interesting opportunity to compare and contrast the first two novels by modern American female authors with some similar story structures. If it matters, I like both novels to be nearly identical.

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