Sins Of The Past The Darkness Within Saga Book 0.5 – Audiobook Online

Sins Of The Past – The Darkness Within Saga, Book 0.5, Audiobook Online By: JD Franx

Yrlissa Blackmist has been a senior member of the Broken Blade Assassins Guild longer than most of the clans have existed.

Such a long life of killing has left behind many dangerous enemies. An ancient wizarding organization, a jealous assassin and even a demon lord all have old problems to deal with.

With one final contract to be fulfilled, Yrlissa hopes to permanently escape her past and her guild so she can disappear with her husband and young daughter. But the past is not easily forgotten, and neither is the betrayed magical assassins guild. Yrlissa’s sole concern is keeping her new family safe, but with enemies all around, will they become her distraction?

A quick introduction to what’s to come, perfect, short and sweet. But nothing short spectacular. The first part drew me into this assassin world, especially the story of Yrlissa Blackmist. The groundwork is already laid out for what “unexpected” is to come. This is just a tempting dish for the remarkable story that has yet to be told to its full potential. J.D. Franx shows that even short and sweet movies can be equally compelling, if not better!

I’m a huge fan of the fantasy genre so when I stumbled across this story, I was moved. JD Franx crafted a magnificent magical world with well-thought out characters and crafted a trailer like no other that captivated me completely from the start. The author clearly spent a lot of time developing the plot because right in this brief first paragraph I was able to see the multi-layered plot and was eagerly waiting for what was to come.

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