Spell Bound/ Hex Hall Series, Book 3 – Free Full Audiobook

Spell Bound is a great book in the Hex Hall series by author Rachel Hawkins.
When Sophie Mercer accepted her extraordinary magical powers as a demon, the Council of Prodigies stripped them of them. Now, Sophie is defenseless, alone and at the mercy of her arch-enemies – the Brannick family, a family of female warriors hunting for the Prodigy. Or at least that’s what Sophie thought, until she made a startling discovery.

Brannick’s family knows a great war is coming and they believe that Sophie is the only one with the power to stop the world from ending. But without magic, Sophie was no longer confident. Sophie is about to go through a terrifying journey – can she regain her strength before it’s too late?

Loved this set of books. It has the perfect combination of what makes a jailbreak series. An amazing storyline that you wouldn’t expect, a likable, fierce and strong but also very human heroine with a sarcastic personality and moments of self-doubt. A beautiful and brooding male love affair and then some great characters are added to the mix. I cried at the end of this book, the scene at the end with Elodie and Cal was particularly touching and sweet and it ended happily ever after. Loved it. A talented author who delivers great dialogue and characters with great world-building skills.

Everything came together so well and I’m really impressed with how the author was able to put in such huge hiccups, but they were able to pull through! I love magic and lore so much, I’m glad I’m back to finish this series. It was an interesting book and I would definitely recommend this series to anyone.

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