SPLIT SECOND Audiobook By David Baldacci

Book one of King and Maxwell’s adventures by David Baldacci does not give a proper introduction of the two agents at the start. The characters and their skills are described in the story from time to time. If you want to know the characters fully then of course you have to go through the whole story as well. David changed the style of his writing in The Christmas Train in which he stopped following the pattern which was there in End Game.

Here the author gets back on track at the start of another series which is bound to go a long way. Michelle Maxwell a talented agent at the agency likes to fulfill uphill tasks. While moving up and up in the agency the lady in her youth got the chance to guard the presidential candidate for the first time and she failed.

The person was shot dead because Maxwell was distracted by something at that very moment. The career of the young agent got a real setback but it is thing of the past now as she has regained her lost glory to some extent. Now after eight years another tragedy comes to Maxwell when she falls for the second time in protecting the current presidential candidate. This time the man is not shot rather he is abducted which gives the agent some time to think. Maxwell brings back King from retirement and instead of dealing with the current case she starts investigating what happened eight years ago when Clyde Ritter was shot. Michelle thinks that somehow the two cases are connected. It is Scott Brick who narrates this book and although the man is a legend but with a female as the main character the novel needed the voice of a lady as well.

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